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Empowering Non-Profit Leaders

At CNPC, we are dedicated to empowering leaders within the non-profit sector through accessible, high-quality coaching. Our volunteer coaches are seasoned professionals committed to driving meaningful change. By partnering with us, you gain access to executive coaching, team coaching, and tailored workshops, all designed to help your organization thrive.

Affordable Excellence

Thanks to our volunteer model and support from donors, we offer coaching services at a fraction of the market rate, ensuring that your budget goes further in achieving your mission.

What we offer

Filling a Coaching gap

Coaching services for the non-profit professional remain scarce. When and if a non-profit organization receives an increase in donations or other external funding, such resources usually go directly to programs for their often under-served clients. While appreciating the benefits of staff development and employee self-care, non-profits often do not have the budget to pay for executive coaching services for its organizational leaders.

CNPC coaches are all credentialed coaches who volunteer their time to serve our clients. This enables CNPC to provide executive coaching and executive team coaching services at a rate that is 85% or more below market rate for organizations that qualify for our services. CNPC does not compete against for-profit coaching organizations through bidding processes and our operational budget is covered through donations, grants, and coaching fees.

See Our Program page for detailed information about CNPC’s coaching program. Eligible organizations include those with a 501(c)(3) tax status such as social services, environmental, animal welfare and other charitable foundations, as well as other types of non-profits such as federal, state, local government agencies, education and healthcare institutions. We give preference to organizations that seek to go beyond situational solutions and work at the energetic level of change in order to make improvements in the world. CNPC serves professionals such as health care workers, teachers, civil servants, social workers and volunteers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you, Center for Non-Profit Coaching…for reaching out and [co-]creating energy fields that bring dreams into form and reality…
Founder of not-for-profit organization that supports youth
I now know I have it within myself to decide how to embrace the fact that change happens and that it’s a time of opportunity if I’ve placed myself on the path to make it so. I feel…more positive about facing potential changes in my life ahead…
Director of Development with an environmental group
I just want to say ‘thank you’ for making the coaching opportunity available for young professionals like me. It definitely has been instrumental in helping me move forward in my career…
Middle manager from social services who intends to become an executive director
Coaching provides an anchor for me as a manager. I believe coaching helps me stay true to my work ethic and values as a leader...
Assistant director, educational organization
Very positive. Wonderful experience to have a coach facilitate personal growth that led to professional growth…
Executive Director, National Foundation

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