CNPC Board

Cherie Silas, MCC

Executive Director
Cherie has a deep background in organizational management across multiple domains and has served in executive level management roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies. She is an executive coach focused on helping clients achieve the successful outcomes they desire in their personal and professional lives. She helps leaders focus on developing confidence, skills, and executive presence and works with motivated high achievers, many who have ADHD to focus on conquering their world. She also works with corporate organizations to improve culture, processes, and to develop high performing teams.

Sylvia Soholt

Owner of Sylvan Sanctuary on Vashon Island in the state of Washington, Sylvia supports guests in their quest for creativity while managing and restoring a four-acre forest and providing sanctuary for rescue dogs.Sylvia also is a sole proprietor of Soholt Strategic Communications where she partners with school districts, state departments of education, universities and educational organizations to build support for high-quality K-16 education.

Tobi-Velicia Johnson, MPH

Tobi-Velicia Johnson, MPH is an Epidemiologist with the Cook County Department of Public and has worked in the public health field for over 23 years, specializing in STD. She has been a member of various public health planning bodies, and finds her work to be interesting and challenging, yet very rewarding and an honorable way to serve the public.

Larissa Thurlow, PCC

Larissa is a learning and development professional with a passion for wellness. She specializes in internal coaching, leadership development, employee engagement and culture building. She brought coaching to the higher education world in Doha, Qatar by designing a coaching program for leaders at all levels. She also has worked in Japan, China, and Australia. Larissa is trained in team coaching and development, leadership, communication effectiveness, conflict resolution, thinking styles, Appreciative Inquiry and Coach Supervision.

Mary Riley, PCC

Founder of CNPC, Mary is a certified coach who retired in 2008 from a 32-year career in public relations and resource development for education, social service, and healthcare organizations on both the West and East Coasts of the United States.CNPC represents a long-held vision of bringing into being a coaching organization dedicated to working with non-profit professionals throughout the world who have important missions to manifest.

CNPC Coaching Team

TJ Bennett, ACC

the pudding factory
Ever have a conversation with a friend, family member or co-worker that was completely free from judgment or bias? Me neither. But I have with a coach. Because that’s the job we’re trained for. Coaching has changed my life. I’m here today, doing what I love, because I worked with coaches who gave me the space to figure out what was true for me. Now, I spend my days listening intently to clients, helping them uncover insights that make them think about work a little differently and spark life-altering possibilities. If you’d like to have the same experience, let’s talk.

Nathalie Bayol, MBA

fulfillment & success
Ever have a conversation with a friend, family member or co-worker that was completely free from judgment or bias? Me neither. But I have with a coach. Because that’s the job we’re trained for. Coaching has changed my life. I’m here today, doing what I love, because I worked with coaches who gave me the space to figure out what was true for me. Now, I spend my days listening intently to clients, helping them uncover insights that make them think about work a little differently and spark life-altering possibilities. If you’d like to have the same experience, let’s talk.

Karen Bruns, MBA

Monarch Coaching LLC
Karen is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She serves organizations with coaching and training in both the public and private sectors. She works with technology organizations on culture change and process improvement.

Chase Callegan

Chase Callegan is an experienced agile coach who works with individuals, teams, and organizations. He helps organizational clients tackle challenging systemic problems that hold them back from the success they want to see. Chase partners with individuals to unlock their true potential by helping them uncover blind spots and challenge limiting beliefs. His style is insightful, challenging, and fun.

John Chilkotowsky, PCC

Northstar Coaching
As an Executive Coach, John is authentic, engaging, and leads with a goals-driven approach. He partners with his clients to collaboratively challenge them, drawing on their strengths and motivations, and helps them achieve what matters most to them within their organizational context. John is excited to work with leaders to build their resilience, influence, and trust, and also to grow their executive presence. He works with established and emerging leaders to find greater clarity in their values and vision, and together they create action plans focused on maximum impact, grounded in accountability.

Mary Crowley, PCC, CEC

Mary Crowley Coaching
Mary thrives in helping leaders develop their greatest potential, integrate skills of multiple intelligences, and gain valuable interpersonal, managerial and executive competencies. She has worked with leaders at all levels in not-for-profit, government and small to midsized businesses to achieve exceptional results. Her ideal clients are leaders who are constantly expanding how they think, how they see things and how they meet and embrace challenges and opportunities. Mary supports leaders to explore and push their current growing edges, identify and leverage their unique strengths and step outside their comfort zone to take action and become the leader they envision.

Samantha Dye, PCC, CTPC

Dynamic Consulting
Skilled in executive coaching, group dynamics and processes, program management, strategic planning, cross-cultural facilitation, and international development, Samantha brings an array of skills, abilities and passions to her work. Samantha uses various tools to help individuals and groups better understand human behavior and interpersonal dynamics. Samantha is an authorized partner and facilitator of EverythingDiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™. She is also certified as an NCTI Real Colors® facilitator.

Isabelle Fernandez, AAC

My Coach Isabelle
Isabelle has been coaching worldwide for the last 5 years in English, French and Spanish. She holds an MBA and has received her AAC coaching certification from the ADHD Coach Academy. Isabelle is also an accomplished writer and she has published several inspirational tales and stories for all ages.

Patrick Foster

Patrick Foster is a leader who serves people from all walks of life. He coaches college students as well as executives in fortune 500 companies. Patrick sees his clients as creative, resourceful, and whole, and walks alongside them in the journey. His goal is to work together with his clients to achieve better results in their lives. He has a background in technology as an organizational coach and uses the same lens to help organizations transform the way they work and provide value.

Denesha Miller, MBA, MPS

Denesha is a life, career, and leadership coach that leverages her training and experience as an executive coach and consultant to help clients reach their goals. I truly believe that coaching is a partnership to help clients maximize their personal and professional potential. My passion for elevating women and championing diversity and inclusion drives my interest in life, career, and leadership coaching.

Christine Neilands, PCC, CPCC

Affinity Leadership Group
Chris is a leadership coach and consultant with more than 20 years experience supporting the personal and professional growth of others. Chris founded Affinity Leadership Group, a coaching and consulting practice based in Atlanta in 2011. She works with a wide range of organizational and individual clients across North America and has a solid track record of helping her clients raise the bar and realize greater leadership potential and impact.

Kathrin O’Sullivan, PCC

Kathrin O'Sullivan
Kathrin is an experienced executive coach, organizational development consultant, and facilitator with twenty years of experience in the tech industry. Kathrin has studied with some of the most distinguished thought leaders in her field. She works with the brightest innovators in Silicon Valley. She is a sought-after speaker on leadership topics and has contributed to various publications and conferences.

Dave Saboe

Dave Saboe is a coach, author, and frequent speaker at industry conferences. He is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Dave has partnered with many clients to help them remove obstacles, discover new ways of thinking, and achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. In addition to coaching, Dave is an entrepreneur and has held leadership positions in several Fortune 100 companies in banking & financial services, healthcare, and technology.

Gary McNeil, ACC

Gary is a certified coach and human resource executive with a passion for people development and helping others achieve their dreams – professionally and personally.Gary is a certified coach (ACC) and member of the International Coaching Federation, is certified as a senior professional through the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM-SCP), earned an MBA, and holds a specialization in Positive Psychology through the University of Pennsylvania.

Martyn Kee, ACC

I support high-profile executives at world-renowned companies to unleash their potential, thrive, get promoted, and make successful transitions. Awarded a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School in 2012, I am also an accredited NLP practitioner and Team Coach. I live and work in the UK and established my own Coaching business in 2018.I work with clients in a systemic and outcome-oriented style, helping them to examine new perspectives and different approaches. I typically operate within the areas of self-belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action.

Temi Bolaji-Jegede

Temi Bolaji-Jegede is a John Maxwell certified coach and a behavioural analyst (Maxwell DISC). Her passion includes helping professionals create new results that they desire personally and professionally through transformational coaching. She also works with technology organisations on team transformation – building trust-based and effective teams.

Ninez Piezas-Jerbi, ACC

After working for more than 30 years in an international organization including as internal coach, mentor, senior manager as well as Employee Networks Community Builder, I now aim to help others become more impactful human beings, managers and leaders. I’m committed to supporting individuals especially young professionals and women in their efforts to lead an authentic and intentional life while serving and making a difference in their communities and the wider world.I’m committed to providing executive, leadership and knowledge management coaching as well as professional support to organizations, charities, young and/or aspiring leaders and teams. My certifications as Executive Coach, Chartered Knowledge Manager, Kundalini Yoga Instructor as well as my training in nonprofit leadership, staff engagement, project management and statistical analysis help in building leadership capacities, solutions to recurring challenges, resilience and well-being in the workplace.

Pooja Krumenacker

As a certified leadership coach through American University and a proud member of the International Coaching Federation, I am passionate about helping leaders thrive in today’s competitive industry by providing support to develop their skills and confidence and lead their organization to success. With over a decade of experience of partnering with different law firms, corporations such as Boeing, Nestle, Amazon, and non-profits, I have seen first-hand how strong leadership and effective communication can lead to organizational success.I have partnered with partners and executives at law firms, leaders in corporations and non-profits and high-ranking government attorneys to help attain transformational results. My coaching process involves goal setting, skill assessment, and customized coaching sessions to help professionals overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes.

Pamela Twigg

Pamela is a Professional Coach with more than 20 years of experience in international business. She employs a generative wholeness approach, which provides clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. Her objective as a coach is to help clients determine where growth is desired, set goals, and create paths toward those goals. She believes in helping clients both to obtain their professional goals and to live balanced lives.

Maura Sweeney, ACC

Maura Sweeney Coaching
Maura Sweeney is an ICF-certified mission-driven career and executive coach focused on helping professionals thrive at work. For over twelve years, she has coached thousands of professionals through career transitions and advancement. As an executive coach, she partners with people to discover solutions and strategies to achieve their goals. She loves helping people go from “I have no clue” to “I know what to do.” In addition to coaching, she also works in higher education where she runs an alumni career and professional development program.

Masae Araki, PCC

Masae assists in revitalizing and transforming organizations by enhancing leadership, developing subordinates, and achieving self-realization and behavioral and mental change, with a focus on corporate executives and next-generation leaders. After 13 years of experience at an Italian company in Tokyo, Masae worked International E-commerce Company in Los Angeles. There she discovered coaching and decided to study at the University of Texas, Dallas, School of Management’s Executive & Professional Coaching Program. Masae brings an international mindset to coaching, which includes not only coaching in English and Japanese, but also encompasses the interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds in both the personal and business worlds.

Mahima Bhagat, ACC

I am passionate about developing leaders and talent who can foster Innovation, Inclusion, and Performance in the organization. I am strategically focused, and business oriented with proven ability of building nurturing partnerships with senior leadership.I have 20+ years of industry experience in HR business advisory, Leadership Development, Change Management and Coaching for performance.

Judy Wolf, PCC, ACTC

Judy is a leadership and team coach who partners with heart-centered, service driven leaders, teams, and organizations to align actions with aspirations, strengthen communication and teamwork, and bring a whole-person approach to inclusive leadership and team development, conflict transformation, and being in relationship with other complex human beings. She is a former C-suite executive and communications professional whose coaching style combines conversational, emotional, social, and somatic intelligence, as well as a background in mindfulness, yoga, and mediation.

Jeremy Branzetti

I’m a board-certified emergency physician who comes to coaching after a decade of leading medical residency training programs. My passion was helping newly-trained physicians to reach their full potential as caring and competent physicians; now I use that passion to coach each and every one of my clients achieve their full potential. I firmly believe that everyone – be it a first-day employee or the seasoned CEO – can benefit from the empowerment, partnership, and accountability that coaching can provide. I look forward to working with you.

Grainger Marburg, ACC

Grainger Marburg is an ICF-credentialed coach who works with clients from the nonprofit, corporate, and public sectors. As a former nonprofit leader, he leverages his knowledge of executive leadership, operations, strategic planning, organizational development, philanthropy, and education to design plans that specifically address client needs. Grainger works with executives and emerging leaders at all levels to drive strategic goals and foster a positive team environment.

Deepika Dholakia

Overall experience of more than 25 years in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. Certified Leadership and Executive Coach. Deepika has worked in Multinational and Domestic Indian Banks in various Business and Leadership roles, and brings to the table deep understanding of people, products and services.

Dave A. Cornelius, DM, PCC, ACTC

Dr. Dave A. Cornelius, aka “Dr. Dave,” is an executive and organization coach and learning facilitator. He partners with leaders and teams in for-profit, start-up, and non-profit organizations to deliver awesomeness that meets their goals. He works with Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to deliver more than $1 billion in customer value.He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership and an MBA, including professional ICF-PCC and ICF-ACTC certifications. Additional certifications include Design Thinking, Agile practices, Product management, and public speaking designation.

Shika Carter, ACC

As a seasoned professional with more than twenty years of experience, Shika focuses on implementation of products and services by applying Agile approaches to the disciplines of project management, business analysis, and systems development. Areas of expertise include the following: Agile Project Management, Agile Business Analysis, Team Collaboration and Development, Strategy Execution, Training, Mentoring, and Coaching.

Allison McCarthy, ACC

Leadership coaching seemed a natural extension of Allison’s professional career spanning executive roles in major health care organizations and as an entrepreneur and principal of a successful consulting firm. Co-founding and serving as Principal of Barlow/McCarthy for nearly 20 years, Allison led consulting engagements in areas of strategic growth for hospitals and health systems. Clients include C-suite executives, vice presidents, and directors with a 12-person consulting team. Allison holds coaching certifications from Rutgers University and the International Federation of Coaches (IFC) and is also DISC certified. She has a Master of Business Administration from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. She was raised in Maine and now splits her time between Plymouth, Massachusetts and Naples, Florida.

Jack Grimm, ACC

Jack is an experienced organization leader and professional coach. His background includes roles as a Director of Software Engineering at Getty Images, agile delivery team management, software engineering, and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC). He is also a leadership team member for a contemplative faith-based nonprofit.Jack is drawn to contributing to the broader nonprofit sector using his skills in leadership coaching, organization strategy, team building and organizational execution. He is well-suited to working with new leaders or organizations undergoing significant change, or in need of strong strategy, planning, and facilitation skills.

Ann Bernstein, ACC

Professional coach and agile leader. I help teams and individuals accomplish their goals through coaching and agility.

Alex Kudinov, MCC

Tandem Coaching
Leadership coach. Alex is a highly accomplished servant leader with a hands-on approach to coaching, mentoring and leading world-class engineering teams; succeeding through the realization of organizations’ full potential. Proven track record of recruiting, growing, and coaching global engineering organizations at a size of 100+ FTE and contractors, both onshore and offshore. As a professional coach by training adept at developing people and teams taking them to the next performance and career levels.

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